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MENOGU DESIGNS is an African Inspired Apparel brand seeking to infuse culture and style in ready to wear clothing by using African prints and textiles to design one of a kind garments. Menogu Designs is a lifestyle brand, bringing Africa to the forefront of fashion and taking inspirations from the Designer's native roots, then using them to design garments that represent strength and pride.

The Founder and Designer is Uchechi Emenogu. She was born in Nigeria, but currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area.  The name “Menogu” is derived from her last name “Emenogu,” which means “Acting in good faith;” a phrase that will continue to follow her throughout her career.

Young, ambitious & talented, her passion for native textiles and “catchy” fabrics with abstract detail clearly sets her apart from many designers today.


Menogu Designs, Inc. aims for a customer who is stylish, chic, and willing to take a risk in fashion. By embracing African culture, Menogu Designs’ African Inspired Apparel seeks to implement a little African inspiration in everyday wear.

All of the pieces from Menogu Designs are custom, authentic, and 100% hand-crafted. All of the fabrics are also in some way inspired by the continent of Africa

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